How to Clean a Pasta Maker [Both Manual & Electric Machine]

How to Clean a Pasta Maker

Pasta is a great source of carbohydrates and potassium that can be made at home using the pasta maker. Making your own pasta is always fun. But, you must clean your pasta makers regularly to keep them in good condition.

Cleaning a pasta maker doesn’t require much time. But, this little effort keeps your machine in tip-top shape. A good machine also delivers fresh Italian pasta every time. But, how to keep the pasta maker clean?

There are two types of pasta makers, one is a manual machine and the other is an electric machine. You need extra care and awareness to clean your pasta maker. Okay, now let’s go to the working process.

Cleaning Process of Manual Pasta Maker

Things we need

  • Polymer clay
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Few cleaning clothes

Working Procedure

Disassemble the pasta maker. If there is no mechanical fault, you don’t need to unscrew to fully apart your pasta machine. The roller is the main part of the machine. It becomes dirty with pasta dough. We need to clean that perfectly.

Polymer clay may help to clean the roller. Just roll a piece of polymer clay 3-4 times. You can also use something alternative or play-doh. Roll them from up to the bottom to make the section clean. The reason for using polymer clay is, that it will remove excess crumbs, flour, and bits of dough.

Using Polymer clay to clean pasta maker
image: wikiHow

Now, clean the rollers with a soft piece of cloth that is slightly damped with water. Wipe down the roller carefully. Also, use the handle to move the cloth from back to top through the roller. Don’t rub by using pressure, use your soft hand with light pressure.

using soft cloth to remove dirt
image: Heather Wells

Use a slightly wet cloth to clean the exterior of the entire machine. Wipe over the entire exterior of the pasta machine to clean dirt. 

Finally, dry it completely before reassembling. You can use a dry towel to dry the pasta maker. It’s vital to avoid rust in the future.

Cleaning Process of Electric Pasta Machine

Thing we need

  • +Dish soap
  • 2-3 clean cloths
  • Multi-purpose cleaner (optional)

First, unplug your pasta machine from the electricity line. Cleaning a pasta machine without unplugging the electricity line could be dangerous. If it has a removable cord, remove it from the machine.

Now, disassemble removable parts and clean them with a dishwasher if they are washable. But, never wash the main body of the pasta machine. Use a cloth to clean the body. Parts made with copper, steel or bronze should be hand-washed. 

image 8
image: Lazy AWESOME Dad

Finally, wipe down the body with a soft dry cloth. Rub over the body gently to clean. If there are any stains, use a multi-purpose cleaner.

Common Questions Answered (CQA)

How often should you clean the pasta machine?

The best way to keep your pasta maker clean, you should clean it every time after using it. It should not take much time.

How to avoid rust from the pasta machine?

Always keep it in a dry place and use a lubricator if needed.

Why should you lubricate the pasta machine?

Lubricating your pasta maker once or twice a year, depending on usage helps to avoid rust.

Can you clean the pasta machine in the sink?

No. Don’t ever try that. Manual pasta machines are made of stainless steel. So, you should not use water to clean them. Electric pasta makers come with a few plastic parts. You can wash them in the sink.


Cleaning a pasta maker both manual & electric machine should be done frequently. But, you should be careful while doing this. Always avoid direct water spray.

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