How to Clean Speed Queen Dryer Lint Trap + Disassembly

Speed queen dryer is a great alternative to your dry laundry. You can dry your clothes to perfection every time. But, you should clean your dryer regularly to get a better result. We’re going to show you a quick and easy way to clean your speed queen commercial dryer. After reading this article, you will know how to clean Speed queen dryer lint trap.

How to Clean Speed Queen Dryer Lint Trap

Step by step clean speed queen dryer lint trap

So the first thing you always want to do with your dryer is clean the little doohickey. To clean this, you have to take the screw off that is available just beside the lint trap shown in the below picture.

speed queen dryer lint trap
image source: NJroute22

You can also just vacuum inside the lint trap, that’s the easy part. So, you should do this successfully. The hard part is cleaning or inspecting lint outside of your dryer drum. The thing that goes all the way around.

The next step is to take the bottom panel off. If the washing machine is making too much noise I hope not. So you need a five-sixteenths inch ratchet wrench but you can use a screwdriver whatever. I like this because of the long handle. So take these bottom two screws out.

opening dryer screws
image source: NJroute22

Now you should really unplug the dryer before doing this. After successfully unplugging two screws, open the drawer.

Cleaning the dust

A tremendous amount of dust is stored here. You can do this in the sunlight or use your flashlight LED. You can use your vacuum to clean the dust and surface area.

dryer dissassembly
image source: NJroute22


Now, assemble the dryer. It is the easiest part. Putting the cover back on is easy they make because there are little notches in this hinge.

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