How to Use, Clean & Sharpen a Swing Away Can Opener

How to Use Clean Sharpen a Swing Away Can Opener

Swing away can opener is extremely durable and portable. It is built with steel and a comfortable grip. This can opener is very well-known over the world. One of the best-selling can openers. If you don’t know the proper way to use, clean & sharpen a swing away can opener, continue reading this article. We will share everything you need to operate this can opener.

The main benefit of the Swing-A-Way manual can opener is it’s durable and can be used over year & year. It’s easy to use with its comfortable handle and cushion grip. It is also easy to clean. Now, let’s go to the point.

How to Use Swing Away Can Opener

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  • Take your can opener in your hand and keep the can on a table.
  • Place the gear side of the can opener on one side of the can.
  • Keep rolling the steel knob on the other side.
  • The can will be opened.

You can also use this as an open bottle opener.

How to Clean a Swing Away Can Opener

The cleaning process of the Swing-a-way can opener is very easy. After opening any can, you can wash it in your basin with water. You can also use vinegar to clean and remove dust.

How to Sharpen a Swing Away Can Opener

If you feel the necessity to sharpen your swing away can opener, then you can use wet stone. Wet Stone is used to sharpening the knife. You can easily use this to sharpen your can opener. Keep rubbing the can opener with the wet stone.


Swing away can opener is a very durable product. Always clean your can opener to make it long-lasting.

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