How to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean: Easy Methods

How to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean

Kiddie pool is also known as a children’s pool that is mostly used in the summer. You must have a kiddie pool in the yards for your loving children. It’s very pleasing to see kids playing in the pool. But after using it for a few days, it started to become dirty. Dirty pools are unhealthy and also may spread diseases. So, in this article, we will show different ways to keep a kiddie pool clean.

It’s very important to clean & sterilize a kiddie pool frequently. Otherwise, a lot of diseases can infect your child. According to the CDC, kiddie pools contain bacteria, especially when more than one children use a single pool. If you want to ensure the good health of your children, please clean your pool regularly.

How to Keep Kiddie Pool Water Clean Naturally

There are various methods available to keep kiddie pool water clean. We will show the most useful methods that work really well. If you want to clean your kiddie pool naturally without chemicals follow these.

Cover  your pool while not use

Cover  your pool while not use

A cover helps to keep your kiddie pool clean from debris and also insects. Also, it helps to keep water warm from the direct sunlight heat. Some kiddie pools come with a cover, otherwise, you should consider buying a cover.

Refill the pool

Kiddie pools required up to 350 gallons of water. It’s not a good idea to drain and refill water regularly. But, if your pool is small enough then it’s the best way to clean the water. Then brush to scrub the bottom of the pool with mod soap. It helps to remove water algae.

Skim the pool after using it

Skimming is a quick method to clean the pool. Debris makes your water dirty and also spreads viruses. So, skim your pool before and after using the pool.

Vacuum the bottom

After using the skimmer, you should use a vacuum at the bottom of the pool. A vacuum helps to get it clean properly. Ensure to use a wet-dry vacuum.

Use oil absorbing sponge

An oil-absorbing sponge absorbs sunscreen and sweat from the pool. The sweats and sunscreen make the water dirty. They reduce the lifespan of water. You can easily put an oil-absorbing sponge that will soak up the oil. When the sponge becomes dirty, take it out and wash it then back in the pool again. You can also use a tennis ball that also works like a sponge.

Sanitize the pool

If your kid vomit or poops in the pool, rinse it well. Then sanitize your pool water with vinegar & chlorine. Avoid conventional cleaners to keep your kid’s skin and eyes safe. Vinegar is the most secure and natural solution. It helps to reduce the change in the pool water. Using 1/4 to 1/2 cups of water depends on the size of the pool.

Chlorine helps maintain the balanced p h level and remove unseen bacteria. So, if you need a bit more cleaning, then use chlorine.

Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean without Draining

If you want to reduce water waste or don’t have enough time to drain the pool water regularly, then you can use chemicals to keep your pool clean. Unless your child doesn’t vomit or poops in the water.

Chlorine tablets remove dirt and also maintain the pH level. It is safe to use chlorine. Experts suggest using 1 or 3 floating chlorinators. When they dissolve, replace the tablets.

How to Keep a Pool Clean without A Pump, Filter, and Chemicals

If you want to remove bacteria, and mosquitoes keep a pool clean without a pump, filter, and chemicals. Then refresh the water. Especially if your pool is small. By changing the water daily, you can prevent the spreading of germs. Also, you can reuse the water in the garden. The cost to refill a small kiddie pool is below 1$.

Clean Kiddie Pool with Baking Soda

Baking soda is very useful to clean the surface of the pool. But, keep in mind, that baking soda won’t disinfect the surface. It helps to clean the surface. You can use it as an alternative to soap. It is also very cheap & works better.

Bleach Solution to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean

You can keep a kiddie pool clean with bleach. It also helps to disinfect the pool. 

  • Use  1⁄2 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of normal water. Avoid splash-less bleach.
  • Clean the bleach properly and set it in the sunlight for 4 hours.

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