Speed Queen Dryer Belt Replacement: A Step-by-Step Guide.

To replace a speed queen dryer belt, first, unplug the dryer and remove the front panel. Then, release the belt tensioner, slip the belt off the idler pulley and motor, and replace with the new belt.

If you’re having issues with your speed queen dryer, it’s likely due to a broken or worn-out belt causing it to stop spinning. Luckily, replacing the belt is a fairly easy diy project that can be done with just a few basic tools.

Before starting, make sure to unplug the dryer and read the manual for specific instructions on your model. In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of replacing a speed queen dryer belt and have your dryer spinning like new again in no time.

Speed Queen Dryer Belt Replacement: A Step-by-Step Guide.

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Signs That Your Speed Queen Dryer Belt Needs Replacement

If you notice unusual noises coming from your speed queen dryer, it could be a sign that the belt needs replacing. Clothes taking longer to dry than usual could also indicate a problem with the belt. Burning smells emanating from the dryer are another red flag.

Take a close look at the belt to check for visible signs of wear and tear. If you notice that the drum is turning irregularly or not at all, it’s time to replace the belt. Don’t wait until your dryer stops working completely to address these issues.

By being proactive and replacing the belt, you can improve your dryer’s performance and avoid costly repairs down the line.

Tools Required For Replacing A Speed Queen Dryer Belt

Replacing a broken dryer belt is a task that can be done at home with ease. To accomplish your task, the following tools are required: a screwdriver, pliers, socket set, and a replacement speed queen dryer belt. In order to replace the old belt, first unplug the dryer and remove the front panel.

Proceed to remove the old belt and replace it with the new one. Attach the front panel again and plug back in the dryer. Ensure that the new belt is properly in place before starting the machine again. Now you’re ready to dry your laundry efficiently and effectively.

Steps To Replacing A Speed Queen Dryer Belt

Replacing a speed queen dryer belt can be a daunting task but following these steps can help. Firstly, unplug the dryer. Next, remove the dryer’s top panel and loosen the front panel. Carefully remove the drum ensuring not to damage the dryer rollers.

Place the new belt on the drum and then install the drum back into the dryer. Reinstall the front panel and tighten any screws. Finally, put back the top panel and plug in the dryer. With these steps, your speed queen dryer belt will be successfully replaced.

Speed Queen Dryer Belt Replacement Tips And Tricks

Replacing the dryer belt in your speed queen dryer can be simple when following these tips and tricks. After installing the new belt, lubricate it to ensure smooth operation and adjust the tension for proper function. Be sure to inspect the drum rollers and clean the lint trap and exhaust vent to prevent future issues.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your dryer and keep it running efficiently. Keep these tips in mind for a successful speed queen dryer belt replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions On Speed Queen Dryer Belt Replacement

How Often Should The Dryer Belt Be Replaced?

The dryer belt should be replaced every 5-7 years or when it shows signs of wear and tear.

What Are The Signs Of A Worn-Out Dryer Belt?

The signs of a worn-out dryer belt include squeaking or thumping noises, clothes taking longer to dry, and the drum not spinning.

Can I Replace The Dryer Belt Myself?

Yes, you can replace the dryer belt yourself. Make sure to unplug the dryer and use a repair manual or video tutorial for guidance.

What Tools Do I Need For A Dryer Belt Replacement?

You will need a screwdriver, a putty knife or paint scraper, a new dryer belt, and possibly pliers or a socket wrench, depending on your dryer model.


Replacing the belt on the speed queen dryer is a task that may seem daunting but is undoubtedly doable following this guide. With the right procedure and tools, the process is pretty simple and can save you from buying a new dryer.

Speed queen dryers are well-known for their durability, but over time, wear and tear is inevitable. Spotting signs of wear and tear early and replacing the belt can prolong the life of your dryer and ensure it runs smoothly. By following the tips outlined in this post, you’ll be able to replace your speed queen dryer belt confidently and get your dryer back to excellent working order.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional if the process feels overwhelming. Proper maintenance of your appliances is essential in ensuring their longevity and effective performance.

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