Why Wrap Aluminum Foil on Doorknob when Alone [Uses of Aluminum Foil]

When you are searching for the uses of aluminum foil on the doorknob, you will be a little confused because there are two groups we found on the internet where group is suggesting wrapping aluminum foil on the doorknob when home alone. But another group on Reddit & Quora is saying that it’s a myth. What is the truth? Let’s find out this. We will cover everything about this topic.

Before we start, let’s try to learn what is aluminum foil. According to Wikipedia, Aluminium foil is prepared in thin metal leaves with a thickness of less than 0.2 mm. It is used for Packaging, Electromagnetic shielding, and Cooking. 

Why wrap aluminum foil on doorknob when alone?

Why Wrap Aluminum Foil on Doorknob when Alone

We try to understand why some people are suggesting this. Then we find the following things below.

1. Safety

You should use aluminum foil on the doorknob for your safety. It works as a shield on your doorknob to safeguard your house from robbers. You can use this when you leave home alone.

2. Check Unwanted Activity

By putting aluminum foil on your doorknob, you can check the unusual activity if any happens. If you see any damage on the foil, you need to be alert.

The reality of wrapping aluminum foil on the doorknob when home alone

When you are alone in the home and using aluminum foil to wrap your doorknob, then the thief might be informed that the house is empty. So, beware before using foolish tricks. So, you don’t need to wrap aluminum foil on the doorknob. This is just a foolish strategy. Most of the users on quora are saying, this is a wrong practice. Instead of this, please use a CCTV camera to guard your house.

7 Clever Uses of Aluminum Foil in home

1. Sharpening Scissors

Yes, you can sharpen your scissor by using aluminum foil. Take your scissor in your hand and cut the foil strip around 7-10 times. Make sure that you are cutting at different angles every time.

2. Cooking Sans Oil

The price of cooking is increasing day by day. So, you should start using aluminum foil instead of cooking oil. The process of using is very easy. Just wrap your vegetables with foil paper. Then put this in a frypan and cook well. You can also add water to steam.

3. Cleaning the Iron

You can clean your iron with aluminum foil. Take a few pieces of foil paper and wrap them on the table surface. Then add some salt to the surface of the foil. Then run your iron over the salt. You will get a spotless iron and ready to work.

4. Battery Hack

It’s one the funniest hacks with aluminum foil but very useful. When you need an AA battery but have a AAA battery. You can use a few foils to extend your small battery. 

5. A DIY Sun Box

Proper sunlight is very important to growing our plants. So, you can make a box with aluminum to provide sunlight around your plant pot. The foil will reflect the sun on your plants.

6. Funnel Making

Funnel is very necessary sometimes. It is used to pour any liquid into a thin bottle. Just make the shape of a funnel with foil.

7. Wi-Fi Enhancement

The poor speed of the internet is very annoying. So, why not increase your WI-FI speed by making a small piece of the antenna with aluminum foil? Place the foil behind the router. It will cover your entire home.

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