How to Reset Luggage Lock without A Reset Button

How to Reset Luggage Lock

A luggage lock is very useful to prevent thieves. It also prevents accidental opening while traveling by air. Most of the luggage comes with a built-in lock but some people use the external locks for extra protection. Whatever you are using, if you have forgotten the combination key, this article is for you.

Our teams research to find a proper solution to unlock forgotten password luggage. We found that most of the luggage combinations have a factory setting of 000, and have 3 dials. There are only 1000 different possible combinations for the 3 dials. Let’s see how to reset the luggage lock.

Reset luggage lock without a reset button

Some luggage lock doesn’t come with a reset button. In this case, you have to repair it or try to unlock it manually. Now, let’s see how to hack the code.

  1. At first, you have to spin the wheel to find the empty space. The empty space is below the wheel. You can easily see the empty space from the outside. Find the empty space for all the wheels. After positioning all the empty space in one line, we can start the second phase.
empty space below the luggage lock wheel
image credit: Techscrew (youtube)
  1. Now, rotate each wheel clockwise for once. Then press the button to unlock.
  1. If it doesn’t work, rotate once more each wheel clockwise. Now, press the unlock button again. It should be open now.
Luggage lock opened
image credit: Techscrew (youtube)
  1. You may need more or less rotation. But, keep in mind, every time you have to rotate all the wheels.

Unlock the built-in lock using a reset button

If you found a reset button on your luggage lock, you can easily reset the lock. It should be beside the combination key.

  1. Use a paper clip or pen to push the small button.
image 2
image: Vinzy Chong (youtube)
  1. Keep holding the reset button and enter a new combination key. Try to keep the combination key easy.
  2. Now, release the button. Your luggage combination key has been successfully reset.

Reset combination padlock

A combination padlock is an external lock for luggage. It is also used widely for luggage safety. If you have forgotten the password for your combination padlock, we are going to show you a very smart way to reset your padlock.

reset your new combination padlock
image: JJ마파기 (youtube)
  1. Most of the padlocks come with a factory set to 000. Open it using the factory code.
  2. Now, turn the shackle to 180 degrees from the locked position. Press the shackle down. If it doesn’t work, try to move the shackle to 90 degrees, then press it down and move it to 180 degrees.
  3. Now, set a new combination key by spinning the wheel. Use an easy combination key.
  4. Turn back the shackle to the original position. Check your padlock if it is working perfectly.


The luggage lock is easy to reset if you forgot the combination key. It is mainly used to prevent opening the luggage accidentally. In the USA, TSA suggests certain locks which they can easily open for inspection. Luggage locks can be opened by the authorities of the airports. So, always use an easy combination key to avoid the hassle.

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