How to Keep Yourself & Room Cool from Excessive Summer Heat

Keep Yourself Cool from Excessive Summer Heat

It is very difficult to stay cool during the summer hot. It becomes harder if you don’t have air conditioning or if you are under an excessive heat warning area. When you go out, you put on sunscreen but become dehydrated.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have AC to make your room cool. We are going to show different ways to cool down your room. Follow our guidelines to make your room comfortable from the excessive summer heat and keep yourself cool.

5 Effective ways to Keep Yourself & Room Cool Excessive Summer Heat

1. Reduce the lights in your room

Don’t use the incandescent bulb, even LED bulbs also make your room heat. Don’t use light without necessary. Use dim light when the LED bulb is not necessary. Use daylight if possible.

2. Using Fans smartly

If you are using stationary fans that are also known as table fans, you can turn them into a mini room cooler. If your room is bigger and multiple people stay here, try to purchase more fans according to your requirements.

a fan on ice to keep cool
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You can produce more cool with the stationary fans by using ice cubes behind the fans. Take a few ice cubes and put them in the back or front. You can also use an ice bottle. It works like an air cooler.

3. Prevent direct sunlight to reduce hot

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You can reduce around 30% of the heat by keeping the windows closed during the day. Also, use sun shades or curtains to block the sunlight when it is out. Open windows after sunset. 

4. Limiting the heat-generated devices

Most of the devices we used in our daily life generate heat. Always turn off devices that you are not using like laptops, TV, dryers, washing machine, and stove. Unplug idle devices to reduce room heat.

5. Take a cold shower

A cold shower helps to lower body temperature. A warm shower will produce sweat from your body. The best way to take a cold shower in the morning & night before you sleep. A night shower is helpful for better sleep.

6. Use a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier may reduce the humidity level in a room which makes your room cool down. If possible, purchase a dehumidifier. But, measure the humidity of your room before purchasing it. Ideal humidity in a room is between 50% to 55%.

7. Drink enough water

An adult person should drink at least 2800 mL of water on hot days. Try to drink at least one glass of water to keep your body hydrated. Try to use a water bottle when you are out. Avoid soft drinks or cola. Soft drinks have sugar that increases your thirst.


Spending too much time in the summer heat can cause medical emergencies. Try to Keep Yourself & Room Cool from Excessive Summer Heat. If you feel sick, try to make your body cool. To avoid any serious condition, call emergency services for help.

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