Easy Homemade Air Conditioner without Ice Using a Fan

Homemade Air Conditioner without Ice

The summer is so much hot. Life becomes a little harder. Most of us don’t have the ability to use expensive air conditioners to beat the summer heat. But, you don’t need AC to beat the summer heat. You can easily make an air conditioner without ice using a fan and bottles.

If you want to keep yourself & room cool from the excessive summer heat, please also read our previous article. After researching, our team finds an easy homemade solution to prevent summer heat. To make this homemade air conditioner without ice you need a fan & a few bottles only. You don’t need to buy extra ice, because we are going to make them own. We promise you, you will feel cool & more comfortable.

Making Homemade Air Conditioner without Ice

The science behind this method is very easy. We will be using a few frozen bottles in front of the table fan. You can also use a standing fan or something alternative. When we run the fan, the frozen bottles will make the air flow cool. Now, let’s do it.

Thing we need

  • 4-5 water bottles
  • Deep Freezer
  • A table fan, box fan, or standing fan
  • Salt (optional)

Working Procedure

Preparing bottles

Take 2-3 bottles and pour them with water. You may also use 3 tbsp of salt on each bottle. Salt helps to only freeze water if it gets cold enough. Use disposable plastic bottles and put the caps back. Now, shake it to mix properly. You can use any salt that you use in the kitchen.

Freezing the bottles

Put the bottles in the freezer and leave them for a few hours. We suggest you make 2 sets of bottles. While one set of bottles melts down and becomes warm, you can use pre-ready bottles to avoid waiting. Make them completely frozen and take them out while the water turns to ice.

Set bottles in position

Air Conditioner using fan and bottles
image: wikiHow

Finally, set the bottle in front of your fan. Keep 5-6 inches of distance from the fan. When you turn on the fan, the air will cool down as it passes around the bottles. To maximize the benefit follow the below:

  • Keep 2 inches gap between bottles. 
  • Keep the fan pointed to the water bottles.
  • Keep the fan & bottles in front of you and try to sit close to the fan.
  • When ice melts down, use another set of bottles.


An air conditioner is a great way to prevent summer heat. But, it is not the only way to prevent it. I hope you will feel much more comfortable during the summer.

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