How to Clean Pillows without A Washing Machine

How to Clean Pillows

Pillows are very comfortable for the body that is used in the bed. It becomes dirty after using a few days. Most of the time, pillows are neglected which makes them dirty. It also increases diseases. We should clean our pillows regularly to keep them clean.

In this article, we are going to show how to clean pillows without a washing machine. Not all pillows are applicable to washing in the machine. Cleaning pillows by hand also take less time. Let’s go to the procedure.

Cleaning pillows without a washing machine

Remove the pillow cover

Unzip the pillow cover to pull it out of the case. If the pillowcase is stained, you need to use detergent.

Using a sink or bathtub

Fill your sink or bathtub with hot water. Then use 1 tablespoon laundry detergent and gently mix with the water. Swirl around vigorously by using your hand to make the water bubbly.

Washing the pillows

Now wear gloves to soak the pillow in water for some time. Put the pillow down into the water to absorb water. Then squeeze the pillow with your hands. Rinse the pillow until the soapy water is completely gone. Again put your pillow with running water and squeeze it until the water is gone.

Dry the pillows

Hang your pillow in the direct sunlight to make them dry for a few hours.

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